Anne Flanagan
Info anne
Gender Female
Occupation High school student
Age 17
Status Alive
I want to help...but I'm too scared so I just watch.

— Anne

Anne Flanagan (アン・フラナガン An Furanagan) is a minor character in The Sandman. She is a shy classmate and best friend of Sophie.

Appearance Edit

Anne has short brown hair in a bob cut. At school she wears the traditional Loren Catholic School uniform, which consists in a black blazer with a skirt of the same color. She also wears a red bowtie and a white shirt under the blazer.

Personality Edit

Anne is a meek and shy girl, and doesn't have many friends as a result. Her best friend, Sophie, is an exception however. When Sophie is bullied by Regan Blumberg and her friends, Anne would just watch - not joining in nor putting a stop to the bullying. Albeit she does confide to Sophie later that she feels awful for not standing up for her friend and wishes she was strong enough. Anne also lets her emotions control her actions, as she runs off from Sophie when she is scared of the shadows that attacked her earlier.

Role Edit

The SandmanEdit

Like the other girls, Anne studies at the Loren Catholic School. She witnesses Sophie being bullied by Regan Blumberg and her gang, but is too scared to even defend Sophie and just watches. After Sophie walks out from the classroom, Anne apologizes and advises her to ignore Regan's treatment.

Picture3(The Sandman)

Anne caught by the shadows

When the Sandman puts everyone to sleep, she is still awake and trapped in the school. She is trapped by mysterious smiling shadow girls who accuse Anne of being a liar. If Sophie doesn't rescue in time, Anne dies. If she finds her in time, Anne becomes scared and pushes Sophie as she tries to escape the school, abandoning Sophie. It's revealed that Anne is still alive and sleeping like everyone else, and what Sophie saw was Lullaby's attempt to make her sleep.

In the Happy End "Don't Stay Up Late at Night", Sophie decides to stand up for herself and insults and beats Regan. Anne is shown to be upset with Sophie for hurting Regan and accuses that she is acting different. Sophie responds that Anne did never really helped her when she was being bullied. She then walks away, but they remain friends.

The BoogiemanEdit

She's mentioned in the Bonus Room. Apparently she and Sophie are still good friends.