Bad ending: "What a sissy"


The crooked man taking Sissi.

After "killing" the crooked man off, David rushes outside the hotel to Sissi to give her the treasured box she was looking for. Sissi expresses her sadness about the events that happened in the hotel to David crying. In this ending, David tells her to stop crying and that someone will understand her someday. He gives her her treasured box and she promptly breaks the box to "forget" the one that gave her the box. As they finish saying their goodbyes, the door behind Sissi opens and she gets dragged in. After hearing her scream for 20 seconds, David runs to the door, pounding it trying to get the Crooked man to stop killing her. Suddenly her screaming stops and blood gushes from under the door all over the stairs. David backs away in shock and the door opens again. The Crooked man comes out to David and kills him.

In order to get this ending, When you're talking to Sissi choose the "Please.. don't cry.." option when it comes up. Be warned, the screaming is loud and drawn out so you may want to turn the volume down when this part comes up.