• SkullyANDUnknown9580

    Hey guys, it's SkullyANDUnknown9580 and today we're going to bring you the official "The Crooked Man" Q&A.  

    Basically you guys can comment questions about "The Crooked Man".  Sometimes there's questions that you were about to ask but they're already answered here, so look carefully.

    Happy questioning~!!

    Q: Okay, this is creeping me out. Paul and David could see Sissi, D, and Fluffy and Marion can't. Does this mean that Sissi, D, and Fluffy doesn't exist?

    A:  Well they're in "ghost" form.  Calculations apparently says that:

    "Typically they're the fragments of Duke MacGaham's, or Crooked Man's, terrifying past.

    When Duke MacGaham was only a child, he lost his mother due to something, like Fluffy.

    Some years after, Duke MacGaham chose to become …

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  • VizardLord

    Does anyone know why the 2nd playthrough ending is so grim? I would have figured they would have let David save Duke...

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