The Boogie Man
Picture11(The Boogie Man)
Gender Male
Occupation Monster
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Hi there, sweetie.

— Boogieman

The Boogie Man (ブギーマン boogieman) is a monster from the Fairy World who loves scaring children. He's the antagonist of The Boogie Man, targetting and murdering the inhabitants of the Livingstone Castle.

Appearance Edit

In The Boogie Man he is seen wearing a black suit, with a white dress shirt under a black vest, and he is also seen wearing a cape, and green gloves with long fingernails. And throughout the game, he wears a paper bag with a smiley face painted in red to hide his real identity.

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The SandmanEdit

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When Sophie Grundler is stuck in the Fairy World, she hides from the Sandman in his headquarters. After hiding in a closet from the Sandman , Sophie looks out to see if he is gone, then a hand with long fingernails appears on Sophie's shoulder, before she jumps out of the closet.

If Sophie takes the pink jewel form the Unicorn and kills the Sandman, she obtains Bad End "Sleep With One Eye Open". Upon returning home, she discovers that killing the Sandman didn't fix anything: time's still frozen, and she's the only one left awake in this eternally slumbering world. Paranoia keeps her from being able to sleep herself, jumping at shadows and bumps in the night like a frightened child. Also, the Boogieman is seen creeping out of her closet.

The BoogiemanEdit

The Boogieman appears at the Livingstone Castle where Keith Baring, his wife Helena, Lance Karnal, David Hoover, Shirley Webber, Sophie and her father Richard. He kills Stevie Small and the servants of the mansion and proceeds to taunt Keith into playing a game and find the others on time or else they'll die.

In the Happy End "Come Rain, Come Shine" it is revealed that Brendon Dumont is the Boogieman, and he was the one who was chasing around the castle. as well as killing Stevie Small and the servants. After everyone is saved and Brendon is captured, Keith’s boss, Dick Anderson, interrogates Sophie and her father. Sophie tells that she knew that the Boogieman who captured her was an impostor, since she already saw the real Boogieman during her adventures at the Fairy World.

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Daveosity