Brendon Dumont
Gender Male
Occupation Manager
Age 20-30
Status Alive

Brendon Dumont (ブレンドン・デュモン Burendon Dyumon) is a supporting character in The Boogie Man. He is the owner of the Livingston Castle. He is also the true identity of the Boogie man.

Appearance Edit

Brendon is shown to have blonde hair and green eyes. In the beginning he wears a tan suit with a white dress shirt and a red tie around his neck along with a tan flat hat. In the ending "Come rain, Come Shine" When he is revealed as the Boogie man, he is wearing a black suit, with a white dress shirt under a black vest,and he is also seen wearing a cape, and green gloves with long fingernails.

Personality Edit

At first Brendon acts jovial, cordial and a bit scatterbrained. He's interested about the Livingstone Castle and wishes to turn the place in a vacation hotspot, not bothered about the castle's gruesome background.

However, when revealed to be the Boogie Man, he's shown to be a very intelligent and systematic man. He's also emotionless, has a lack of empathy and loves messing with people.

Background Edit

Brendon spent his childhood at the castle. His parents were very strict, since they forbid Brendon of having fun and forced him to study and read the Bible all the time. When he was punished for not obeying, his parents locked him inside a closet. During his punishments, Brendon often daydreamed of becoming a monster and killing his family.

After his parents died, he inherited the place and managed it himself. He did not want to live the rest of his life in the deserted castle and decided to promote it as a tourist destination. He also went to film school and did some work in Hollywood.

Plot Edit

The Boogie ManEdit

Brendon greets the other tourists who arrived to the Livingstone Castle. The tourists are Keith Baring, his wife Helena, Sophie Grundler, her father Richard, David Hoover, Shirley Webber and Lance Kanal. He's very cordial to them and expresses his desire to turn the castle into a vacation hotspot. However a mysterious creature known as the Boogie man, murders the servants and kidnaps all the tourists with the exception of Keith Baring, who has to find them all. Keith finds Brendon's corpse along the way.

In the Happy End “Come Rain, Come Shine”, Keith confronts the Boogie Man, who's revealed to be Brendon in disguise. Brendon mocks Keith for spoiling his fun and stabs him, but he's stopped by Richard and David and captured afterwards. It's revealed Brendon had investigated about the background of the tourists in order to mock them while torturing them as the Boogie Man. Also; Richard, David and Shirley were able to see past Brendon's jovial persona, and describe him as an emotionless man with a lack of empathy.

Even though Brendon is captured and brought to justice, he refuses to talk about his motives. But according to the testimonies, Dick Anderson comes to the conclusion that Brendon did it all just for fun (justified by how his parents forbid him of having fun when he was young, the child abuse he went through and his dreams of becoming a monster someday).

Trivia Edit

  • He's voiced by The Overlord Bear.
  • He loves police dramas and watches Law and Order all the time.