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Chuck Feiler
Chuck feiler.png
Gender Male
Occupation Employee of the Month (formerly)
Age Unknown
Status Alive?

Chuck Feiler (リチャード・グランドレー Chucko Feel) is a character in The Crookedman,The Sandman, The Boogieman, The Hangman


Chuck Feiler has short black hair, lame bluish glasses that cover up his grey eyes, and typically wears a black suit, along with a white shirt underneath a red tie.


Chuck Feiler is a very diligent and hardworking individual. Even though he is quite intelligent, he is somewhat dim in most social situations outside of the workplace. He often tends to be very tired, either due to bad sleeping habits for his job or some kind of issue he needs to get checked by a doctor.



Richard Grundler[]

Not much is known about his relationship to Richard Grundler, only that they work at the same company. It can be assumed that maybe they don't get along, because Chuck Feiler is the employee of the month while Richard has worked himself so hard he ended up having an ulcer.


The Crookedman[]

The Sandman[]

Sophie takes a key card from his unconscious body in the subway. It is unclear whether he ever gets it back.


  • Works with the handsome and attractive Richard Grundler
  • His name may have been inspired by Chuck E. Cheese
  • Serene Harper and Dard have stated frequently that "chucks a bitch"