The Crooked Man Wiki
Gender Male
Occupation Fragment of Duke MacGahan's memory
Age Unknown (At least 21)
Status Nonexistent
It's a nickname, dummy! You think I'd tell some shady guy my real name?

— D

D is a young man David encounters while investigating Julius Stone Law School in Stage 2. He is wandering around the place because he has fond memories of it.

In the end D is revealed to be a fragment of Duke's memory, modeled after Duke in his college days.


D is very stubborn and bad tempered. He does not seem to like David, because he looks suspicious, and acts distastefully towards him, much to David's annoyance. He later warms up to him.


David encounters D in an abandoned law school. He is wandering around because he has fond memories of the school, since he studied there. D does not seem to like David and vice-versa, as David looks suspicious for wandering there. He gives David an energy drink.

D confessing that he failed to pass the bar exam five times

D later warms up to David and confesses that his biggest dream was to become a lawyer, but he has never passed the bar exam. He's tried so hard for it, but has always failed. Fortunately, his teacher, Professor Andrew, always helped him.

David rescues D from the leaking gas rooms and brings him to the infirmary. After D is feeling better, David walks away, only for D to find the diary page of Professor Andrew, in which D finds out that he did not have high hopes for him at all and secretly mocked him behind his back. D becomes angered and depressed, saying that he should give up already on his dream to become a lawyer.

If David tells him not to give up on his dreams, the Bad End "Never, never give up" is obtained. D is angered, claims David cannot understand him and stabs him to death. He is later killed by the Crooked Man.

D and David parting ways

If David tells him to give up already and stop being so idealist, because D's failure reminds him of his failed dream to become a pilot, D calms down. He later thanks David, comments that he wants to see him again, David agrees to go get a drink with D someday, who gives him a note to go to the hospital in Stage 3.

He later appears in Stage 4, motivating Paul into finding David and when he does, to tell him the truth about the Crooked Man.


  • Duke MacGahan - Duke is a part of D, meaning D is a fragment of Duke. This means that Duke tried to be a lawyer but failed in his bar exams in some point of his life.
  • David Hoover - D's friend.  David helps D throughout his journey, one being to save D from Crooked Man.  He even tries to tell him to give up on his dreams already or to never give up.  In Bad Ending #2, David tells D not to never give up on his dreams.  Before stabbing David, D claims that he was misunderstood.  Afterwards, D gets killed by The Crooked Man.  In the good ending, David tells D to give up on his dreams before telling D about his own dream to become a pilot, but failed in one of the tests.


  • D represents Duke's regret over is failure to achieve his dreams to become a lawyer.
  • His nickname "D" was given to him by his professor that he admired, it stands for "Dreamer" and it's "the grade he'll always get". It's also the initial from Duke's name.
  • D says "Smell ya" to David as he`s leaving for the first time, most likely quoting Professor Oak`s Grandson, Gary Oak, from Pokémon.
  • Since you have to be at least 21 to take the bar exam in America, D is likely an adult somewhere in his 20s. He also invites David for a drink, implying he is at least 21.