Dick Anderson
Picture2(The Boogie Man)
Gender Male
Occupation Police manager
Age 39
Status Alive

Dick Anderson (ディック・アンダーソン Dikku Andason) is a supporting character in The Boogie Man. He is a police manager and Keith Baring's boss.

Appearance Edit

Dick is a tall black man with average weight. He has a short beard and a stone-hard intimidating face. He wears an unbuttoned purple businessman suit daily with a buttoned white undershirt and unbuttoned collar.

Personality Edit

Dick is Keith's direct boss and closest friend who understands him well, and gets along with him and his wife. His stature and face frighten people, but he's gentle, with a loving wife and two children, and doesn't raise his voice over little things. Despite meaning well for his friend, Keith believes Dick pries into too much of Keith's family business.

Plot Edit

The Boogie ManEdit

Since Keith is often overworking and has little time for his wife Helena, Dick gives him one-month vacations. Keith and Helena go to the Livingstone Castle. However a mysterious creature known as the Boogie Man, kidnaps all the tourists with the exception of Keith, who has to find them all.

In the Bad End "The Boogie's Fine Tonight", everyone dies, including Helena so Keith kills the Boogie Man. Dick cries for Helena's death and tries to console Keith. Much to his surprise, Keith assures him that he won't cry for Helena, since he didn't even cry when Tod died.

In the Bad End "White Room", the Boogie Man kills David. Also, Helena is nowhere to be found. Dick is upset for all the deceased tourists (inplying that Lance, Richard and Shirley were killed offscreen) and wonders who could do such a thing.

In the Bad End "Precious Box", Keith and Helena leave the now-widowed Shirley and return home to go through with their divorce. Still, they end up friends, spending a nice night together at their favorite bar. Keith also resigns his job as a police detective. Dick is afraid that Keith would do something reckless and tries to call the house, in vain. Later that night, Keith stabs Helena and commits suicide.

In the Happy End “Come Rain, Come Shine”. After everyone is saved and the Boogie Man (actually Brendon Dumont in disguise) is captured, Dick interrogates everyone, hoping to find out Brendon's motivations. Later, he asks Helena about why she wants to divorce Keith. She says she doesn't want to be a burden to him. Dick says that Keith told him the same before and berates them for being too indulgent. Afterwards, Keith and Helena go on counseling (on Dick's suggestion) and they solve their matrimony.

Trivia Edit

  • He's voiced by ManlyBadassHero.
  • He's very similar to Paul Martin, in that they're the closests friends to the main character of their respective games (David and Keith) who are depressed because of a family member. In an attempt to help him, Dick advices Keith to go on vacations where he finds a monster (similar to Paul's offer to find a new house for David, where he meets the Crooked Man).
  • Dick has a wife and two children.