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The Crooked Man[]

Bad End 1: "What a Sissy."[]

After David and Sissi seemingly kill the Crooked Man, they escape Hotel Ruhenheim. Outside, Sissi breaks down, lamenting over being attacked by the monster, explaining that she just wanted to keep her memory of her ex-boyfriend, and wondering if it all happened because she is such a wimp. David can respond in two ways:

  • Please, don't cry...
  • What's wrong with being a wimp?

Sissi being dragged back.

If you choose "Please, don't cry...", David will tell her to move on and give her her treasured box, which she promptly breaks to "forget" the person that gave it to her. As they finish saying their goodbyes, the door behind Sissi opens and she gets dragged in. David runs to the door, pounding on it and yelling to the Crooked Man to stop killing her. Her screaming suddenly stops and blood gushes from under the door and all over the stairs. David backs away in shock and the door opens again. The Crooked Man then comes out and kills David.

If you choose "What's wrong with being a wimp?", it will lead to the good ending of this act and the game will continue.

Bad End 2: "Never, never give up."[]

The Crooked Man coming for D.

After D discovers the page his old professor wrote in his diary, he rushes off in a moment of confusion and anger. David chases after him and talks to him in the lecture hall. D vents his anger about his professor talking about him behind his back and he states that he doesn't know what to do anymore. David can respond in two ways:

  • That's life, isn't it?
  • You shouldn't give up.

If you choose "You shouldn't give up", David will tell D some short motivational words. D, in a moment of rage, stabs David in the chest, saying he shouldn't care about him. Just as D is about to leave the room, the Crooked Man enters and kills him. As David bleeds out, The Crooked Man walks over and tells him that, "It wasn't me. It was you. You killed him, and yourself... David." He then exits the room, and David bleeds to death.

If you choose "That's life, isn't it?", it will lead to the good ending of this act and the game will continue.

Bad End 3 and 4[]

David in despair.

When Paul finds David on the roof with a gun in his hand, Paul will have three choices on what to do next:

  • Persuade
  • Take the gun
  • Punch

Bad End 3: "Good-bye!! My Friend."[]

Choose "Persuade"

If Paul tries to persuade a possessed David not to commit suicide, he will fail, and David will state that no one understands him. David then shoots himself in the head.

Bad End 4:  "Not your fault, David!"[]

Choose "Take the gun"

If Paul decides to take the gun from David, the two struggle and David accidentally shoots Paul, killing him. David then comes back to his senses, realizes what he's done, and takes his own life.

Good End: Bye Bye BlackBird[]

Choose "Punch"

After discovering Duke's/Crooked Man's hanging corpse, David realizes that Duke didn't want to drag him down with him. Instead, he wanted to make sure that David did not follow in his path.

Duke's Grave

Soon after that, David receives a call about his mother, whose condition has become critical. After her surgery she wakes up for moment, giving David hope and closure to their relationship. She asks David for water, and soon after he leaves the room to fetch some for her, she passes. While mourning his mother, Shirley visits him, asking for forgiveness and they end up together again.

The last scene shows David in graveyard, which cuts to Duke's grave, a pack of cigarettes on the right.


【RPGMaker Horror】Crooked Man (ALL ENDINGS)

The Sandman[]

Bad End 1: "Queen Of The Night"[]

This ending can be obtained by letting Unicorn keep the pink jewel, and killing the Sandman.

After the battle with Sandman, Lullaby gets to the roof and asks Sophie if she killed the Sandman,

Sophie's appearance as the Queen of the Night.

which makes Sophie start crying and being sad for killing a fairy. Then, she realizes it's Sandman's fault for being selfish by putting humans to sleep, saying she didn't do anything wrong, and never does anything wrong, but has to put up with so much, and that's what irritates her, blaming it on everyone. Then, she becomes a more sassy and arrogant woman. She's shown looking down the telescope in Sandman's room, admiring all the people sleeping that will never wake up, saying it feels wonderful. She states that she will never sleep, so the night will never end. Saying she will live forever in her world of night, it's clear that she's taken the place of the Sandman, herself becoming the "Queen of the Night".

Bad End 2: "Sleep with One Eye Open"[]

This ending can be obtained by taking the pink jewel, and killing the Sandman.

After the battle with the Sandman, killing him, she asks Lullaby to take her back to her world. There, she finds out that killing Sandman was a bad decision, as the time is still frozen and everyone is still sleeping, leaving her as the only human awake in the world. She gets scared of the eternal darkness that the earth is now in, remembering how she did as a child, and gets so paranoiac that she can't sleep, making her think there's something under her bed, or inside her closet. Then, we can only see her closet slowly opening, and her asking if there's someone.

Bad End 3: "Invisible Sweet Heart"[]

This ending can be obtained by taking the pink jewel, and putting Sandman to sleep.

Sophie puts Sandman to sleep, saying she couldn't kill him because he just wanted to sleep. Lullaby asks her if she will return to her world, as she answers that she won't, because she'd just be agonizing every night, saying she doesn't want to see anyone again. She decides to stay with Lullaby, as he tells her that she won't be able to remain human, which Sophie answers saying she doesn't want to be human, because she hates them, having Lullaby to tell her she'll die soon, but it's better than putting up with things. Screen changes to a scene with the rest of the fairies. Unicorn running away from Tooth Fairy, as he pulled up another prank on him. Lullaby thinks it looks like they're having fun, looking up and asking Sophie if she thinks so too, meaning Sophie has finally died.