The Crooked Man Wiki
Gender Male
Occupation Fragment of Duke MacGahan's memory
Age Unknown (presumably 10 or less)
Status Nonexistent
There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile!

— Fluffy

Fluffy (フラフィー Furafii) is a little boy that David finds in the abandoned hospital in The Crooked Man. He is a little boy who is waiting for his mother that never shows up.

In the end, Fluffy is revealed to be a fragment of Duke MacGahan's memory, modeled after Duke in his childhood.


Fluffy is a very cheerful boy who acts like a child of his age. He immediately warms up to David Hoover, so much so that he follows him everywhere during the stage. Like David, Fluffy loves his mother dearly and he acted brave for the sake of appeasing his mother and trying to be the man she wanted him to be. Initially, he wouldn't leave the hospital until his mother came for him.


David encounters Fluffy wandering around in the abandoned hospital, as his mother told him to wait and she hasn't arrived yet. After finding Fluffy, he follows David everywhere. When going to the bathroom, Fluffy becomes trapped by the Crooked Man but is saved by David. duke/ Crooked Man later kidnaps Fluffy and takes him to the roof. David finds them and tries to shoot the creature with a gun, but it proves to be difficult since a frightened Fluffy is running around in circles. If David shoots the Crooked Man enough times without shooting Fluffy, Fluffy gives up and leaves, very upset when he realizes his mother is never coming for him and has actually abandoned him.

He later appears in Stage 4, wandering as he sing-songs the original Crooked Man song and seemingly ignoring Paul asking about David's whereabouts. After finishing singing, he guides Paul to where David is.


  • Fluffy represents Duke MacGahan's feelings of abandonment by his mother, but he resembles David Hoover.
  • A note in the abandoned hospital asks mothers to stop leaving their babies outside, hinting toward the fact that Fluffy's mother abandoned him and is never coming back.
  • Fluffy says that his nickname is "Fluffy" because his hair is all fluffy like a towel.
    • An official art shows that David has fluffy hair.
  • Fluffy is the only fragment of Duke's past that didn't have an option to judge his fate by players choice or a happy ending, as David didn't get the chance to help him find his mother.
  • Fluffy mentions he's about 3 feet tall.
  • In The Sandman, Lullaby mentions David having fluffy hair as a child which supports Fluffy's name.