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Helena Baring
Gender Female
Occupation Housewife
Age 33
Status Alive
So, even if we're far apart, as long as he can laugh again...Then this is the best choice I can make.

— Helena

Helena Baring (ヘレナー・ベアリング Herena Baringu) is a character in The Boogie Man. She is the wife of Keith Baring and the mother of Tod Baring who was killed in a car crash that it permanently damaged them as individuals and strained their relationship.


Helena has wavy shoulder-blade length brown hair that has bangs swept to the left and green eyes.

In the beginning of the game and in flashbacks, she is seen wearing a pink dress with white accents. Throughout the events of The Boogie Man, she is seen in a white dress, possibly a nightgown.


Helena is a gentle woman who appears carefree, but she is strong at her core and she highly expressive as she often laughs and cries.


Helena met Keith Baring as a student where they quickly married him after graduating college and they had a son named Tod Baring a year later.

Helena mourning over the loss of Tod

Unfortunately one day, Tod was killed in a car accident and Helena had to go to the morgue in order to recognize her son, but she didn't have the heart to see Tod's maimed corpse. Meanwhile, Keith didn't have time to mourn since he was busy at his job and Helena suffered emotionally for years after Tod's death, but she has recovered by now.


The Boogieman[]

If Sophie Grundler and David Hoover die, the Bad End "The Boogie's Fine Tonight" is obtained. Helena dies as well, so Keith kills the Boogie Man. When Lance goes to search for him, he finds Keith Baring cradling Helena's corpse.

If Sophie dies but David survives, the Bad End "White Room" is obtained. The Boogie Man kills David while Helena, Lance, Richard Grundler and Shirley Webber are nowhere to be found. Back at home, Keith enters Tod Baring's room and hallucinates his dead son. Tod asks his father about his mother's whereabouts and Keith promises Tod that the two would wait for her.

Keith after stabbing Helena

If Sophie survives but David dies, the Bad End "Precious Box" is obtained. Keith and Helena leave the now-widowed Shirley and return home to go through with their divorce. Still, they end up friends, spending a nice night together at their favorite bar. That night, Keith murders Helena, giving a broken speech about how he couldn't protect anyone before heading into the bathroom and killing himself with a gun.

If David and Sophie are saved, but Keith doesn’t make certain arrangements through the game, the Bad End “Happy Dream” is obtained. When in his confrontation with the Boogieman, Keith loses and he’s killed. David and Shirley take the now widowed Helena to their home. In an attempt to console her, Shirley tells her about her past as an abandoned baby. Suddenly, David accidentally crashes a glass sculpture while cleaning the house. Angry, Shirley argues with him about the broken glass, and they become so distracted to see Helena jumping out of the window to her death, in order to be with the deceased Keith and Tod.

If Keith does all the requirements and manages to save David and Sophie, he obtains Happy End “Come Rain, Come Shine”. After everyone is saved and the Boogie is captured, Dick asks Helena about why she wants to divorce Keith. She says she doesn't want to be a burden to him. Dick says that Keith told him the same before and berates them for being too indulgent. Helena finds Keith visiting Tod's grave, shedding the tears he should have when his son died. Afterwards, Keith and Helena go on counseling (on Dick's suggestion) and they solve their matrimony.


  • Helena doesn't eat meat, not because she's vegetarian, just because she hates it.
  • Helena's hobby is collecting tea from all over the world.
  • Helena is voiced by Serenity Harper.
  • According to a Tweeter post by Uri, Helena can't have any more children as she had terrible fibroid tumors and took surgery after she gave birth to Tod Baring.