Marion Martin
Info marion
Gender Female
Occupation Paul's wife
Age 25
Status Alive
Stop trying to spook me...I know there wouldn't be anyone here!

— Marion

Marion Martin (マリオン・マーティン Marion Mātin) is a minor character and the wife of Paul.

Appearance Edit

Marion appears to have blue hair which she keeps long, with her bangs swept neatly to the side to keep from falling into her brown eyes. She dons a simple spaghetti-strapped dress in various shades of black, purple, and blue. She also appears to be wearing light brown boots. Her pixel form implies that she is pregnant.

Personality Edit

Marion loves Paul dearly, although she always bickers with him and is extremely skeptical about his power to see and sense ghosts. Like Shirley, she is stubborn and strong-willed, but kind to others such as David who she consoled after a series of tragedies and failures.

Background Edit

Marion and Shirley were best friends since high-school, since they both share a similar personality. She met Paul in college and after they started dating she befriended David. Currently she is married to Paul and she is two-months pregnant. 

Plot Edit

In Scene 4, she and Paul become concerned about David and go to find him. They search him in the hospital, where Paul is guided to where David is by Sissi, D and Fluffy. Marion becomes skeptic after seeing that Paul is talking to them (because they are fragments of Duke’s past and hence not real, she cannot see them) and tells him to stop joking around about his “sixth sense”. Paul, sensing danger about David, begs Marion to stay in the car while he saves David on the roof.

In the Good Ending, after the death of David’s mother, Shirley visits him, much to Paul’s chagrin. Marion instantly drags Paul away, so that David and Shirley can get back together again.

Trivia Edit

  • In the character profiles, it is revealed that she is two months pregnant and she is Shirley’s best friend since high school.
  • She is 25 years old.
  • She's a skeptic because she thinks occult topics are scary and does not believe in Paul's sixth sense.
  • She's is the only character in the series without a concept art.
  • Marion was pregnant during the events of The Crooked Man. According to a Tweeter post by Uri, she gave birth to a boy shortly after the events of the game.