Paul Martin
Gender Male
Occupation Trading company manager
Age 26
Status Alive
You seriously makin' fun of the occult after this? Just listen and no jokes!

— Paul

Paul Martin (ポール・マーティン Pooru Mātin) is a supporting and playable character in The Crooked Man and a minor character in The Boogie Man. He is David Hoover's best friend and the husband of Marion.

He has a sixth sense, which makes him able to see and feel the presence of ghosts, but he is unable to communicate with them. 


Paul has light brown hair which is cut short in a neat fashion and blue eyes. During the events of the game, Paul wears a simple white shirt with orange sleeves and dons blue pants in a similar style to David's and most characters in the game. Also like David, his shoes are black.


Paul is David's best friend. He is pompous and forceful about everything, but he genuinely cares about his friends and family. He is also into the occult and spiritual things of that nature because of his sixth sense.

Background Edit

Paul has been best friends with David since middle-school. In college he met Marion and immediately fell in love with her. They started dating soon after and married. He also disapproved David's relationship with Shirley, believing her to be too hot-blooded and forceful for him. During the incident where David attacks his mother, luckily Paul was there and was quick to stop it.

Before the events of The Crooked Man, he realizes that something is off with the house, but decides not to say anything for the sake of David, until it's too late.

Plot Edit

The Crooked ManEdit

Paul is married to Marion and he is David's best friend. At first he doesn't have too much of a role in the game, but this changes later on. He has a sixth sense when it comes to sensing apparitions, but neither David or Marion believe it.

After David saves Fluffy in the hospital, the Crooked Man takes over him and forces him to take the gun and commit suicide. Paul receives a phone-call from David asking for help, so he and Marion go to the abandoned hospital. On the way, Sissi, Fluffy and D help Paul into finding David, until Marion becomes annoyed with Paul for talking with them, and since she cannot see them she believes he is joking. Sensing danger, Paul begs her to stay in the car while he looks for David.

When Paul finds David in the rooftop, he is broken, crying and about to shoot himself. Paul realizes that David is possessed and rushes to help him. In the Bad End "Goodbye, my friend", if Paul tries to persuade him, David says that he doesn't understand his pain and shoots himself, much to Paul’s despair. In the Bad End "It’s not your fault, David", if Paul decides to take the gun from David, the two struggle and David accidentally shoots Paul to death. David later takes his own life. If Paul beats him to put some sense into him, the Crooked Man leaves his body and David returns to normal. They smoke after that, talking about Paul and his sixth sense and he convinces David to find about the tenant once and for all.

In the Good Ending, after the death of David’s mother, Shirley visits David, much to Paul’s chagrin. Marion instantly drags Paul away, so that David and Shirley can get back together again.

The Boogie ManEdit

He's mentioned by David. Apparently, David and Shirley wanted to invite Paul and Marion to the Livingstone Castle. However, days before the trip, David challenged his friend Paul to a chili dog contest, and Paul got gastritis from it, so he couldn't attend the tour.

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  • Paul is 26 years old and works as a trading company manager.
  • He has a sixth sense. He can hear and see ghosts.
    • Marion and David don't believe that he has a sixth sense.
  • Ironically, though he hates Shirley for her bossy and hot-blooded attitude, he is married to Marion, who is pretty much the same.
  • He's sharing the same name of a former canadian Prime Minister who was elected in 2003.