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Rachel Hoover
Gender Female
Occupation Retired
Age Presumably in her 50s
Status Deceased

Rachel Hoover is David Hoover's mother. She is in the hospital after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.


Rachel appears to be an elderly woman with long straight white hair. She is found near the beginning of the story and in David's flashback memory.


She was a caring mother, but suffered from a brain tumor which sometimes caused memory lapses, to the point where she did not recognize her own son anymore. Occasionally, Rachel would go through violent episodes and start shouting at people, claiming to not know them.


Rachel's husband had an affair and left his former family to marry another woman who was already pregnant with his child, Will.

At some point she got a brain tumor which caused her to lose memories and not recognize David at times. Eventually David got fed up with it and choked her in an attempt to kill her until he was stopped by Paul.

She liked David and Shirley Webber as a couple, despite her hot-blooded temper. The events of The Boogie Man imply that David and Shirley's relationship mirrors the one between David's parents.


The Crooked Man[]

Rachel is in the hospital, but because of her illness she's unable to recognize her son. Because of this, David is tortured by the Crooked Man with memories of his attempt to strangle her to death. Unlike the other times the monster played with David's traumas, he is unable to overcome it and has a breakdown, leading to the Crooked Man possessing him at Central Hospital.

In the Good Ending "Bye Bye BlackBird", she goes through a surgery in order to remove her brain tumor. After the operation, she has a brief talk with David and they reconcile, but she passes away moments later after having sent David out of the room to get her some water.

The Boogie Man[]

It's revealed in the Bad End "Happy Dream" that Shirley was close with David's mother, and regrets how by the time she returned to David his mother had already passed on.

The Hanged Man[]

In the Good Ending 2, David reveals to Keith that his father divorced his mother for her frailness. The inheritance money left behind was untouched for years until David used it to pay for his mother's funeral, but there was a lot left.


  • Rachel's name does not appear in any of the games, but was mentioned in Uri's The Crooked Man comments in the bonus scene of The Hanged Man.