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Regan Blumberg
Info regan.png
Gender Female
Occupation High school student (former)
College Student
Age 17 The Sandman
18 The Hanged Man
Status Alive
I'll wait for Mama to come help!

Regan Blumberg (リーガン・ブラムバーグ Rigan Buramubagu) is a supporting character within the Strange Men series that appeared in The Sandman and in The Hanged Man and is Sophie's friend and former classmate, who often torments and bullies her while they were in high school. She appears to be from a wealthy family, since her family owns a mall, called Blumberg Mall.


Regan has long blonde hair that reaches her shoulders and green eyes. At school she wears the traditional Loren Catholic School uniform, which consists in a black blazer with a skirt of the same color. She also wears a red bowtie and a white shirt under the blazer.


At first, Regan looks like a pompous, obnoxious, and egotistical girl, but this is to hide some insecurities she has. In fact, she is very trustworthy and dependable on others and is a crybaby, earning her the nickname "Crybaby Regan" by Sophie when they were young. She is very affected by how her parents are fighting all the time, so she takes out her frustrations by bullying Sophie.


The Sandman[]

Like the other girls, Regan studies at the Loren Catholic School. She often torments and bullies Sophie for having bright red hair. When Sister Mary calls Sophie to the Headmaster Room, Regan makes her trip and fall. Apparently Regan and Sophie used to be childhood friends and they talked about their problems. However, Regan was very affected by her parents constantly fighting so she started taking her frustrations by bullying Sophie. This is part of why Sophie puts up with her bullying; she knows about her old friend's family troubles.

Regan after being freed from the pole

When the Sandman puts everyone to sleep, she is still awake and trapped in the Blumberg Mall. She finds Regan tied on a pole and about to be killed by a firing squad. She manages to get Regan freed, but Regan intially refuses to go with Sophie, insisting that her mother would come to her rescue. They escape together by hiding in a box, but Regan abandons Sophie shortly after. It's revealed that Regan is still alive and sleeping like everyone else, and what Sophie saw was Lullaby's attempt to make her sleep.

In the Happy End "Don't Stay Up Late at Night", Sophie decides to stand up for herself and insults and beats Regan when she insults her red hair again. Before she is sent to detention, Sophie apologizes to Regan and tells her if she doesn't bully her anymore, she'll consider being friends with her again.

The Boogieman[]

She's mentioned in the Bonus Room. According to Sophie, Regan doesn't bully her anymore, but is still enemies with her. Sophie is still willing to give her a chance, though.

The Hanged Man[]

Regan together with Sophie are doing part-time jobs in a diner. Apparently, Regan and Sophie have finally rekindled their friendship, as she is seen teasing Sophie about Will.