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Richard Grundler
Gender Male
Occupation Salaryman
Age 44
Status Alive

Richard Grundler (リチャード・グランドレー Richado Gurandore) is a character in The Sandman and The Boogie Man, the extremely handsome and attractive father of Sophie Grundler. As much as he loves his daughter, his job at JP Gordon & Chase has kept him incredibly busy.


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Diligent and cheerful, but has a timid side. Rather compassionate and sentimental. It's been over ten years since he lost his wife, but he has no intention of remarrying. He's also very overprotective of Sophie and was initially angry at David, having mistaking him for her boyfriend at first.


Richard about to collapse from exhaustion

Sophie’s mother died when she was very young, so Richard decided to work more but stayed less and less at home and didn’t have time to talk with Sophie. He collapsed from overwork and had to be hospitalized, so Sophie believed he'd get better if she behaved, leading to her bottling her own problems.


The Sandman[]

Sophie lives with her widowed father Richard, who is a workaholic and is rarely at home. Because of his absences, he doesn't know that his daughter is being bullied and suffers from insomnia and depression.

When the Sandman puts everyone to sleep, he is still awake and in the JP Gordon & Chase company. Worried, she goes searching for him, where they're attacked by a dragon. As they try to escape from the building, her father collapses from exhaustion and urges Sophie to run as the dragon catches him. But when she goes back, neither her father or the dragon are no more. It's revealed that Richard is still alive and sleeping like everyone else, and what Sophie saw was Lullaby's attempt to make her sleep.

In the Happy End "Don't Stay Up Late at Night", Sophie decides to stand up for herself, even when it gets her into trouble. She calls out Richard for always forking and not having time for her. He apologizes and promises to find some time to spend with her from now on.

The Boogieman[]

Half a year after the Sandman events, Sophie and her father are invited by the recently married David and Shirley to go vacationing at the Livingstone Castle. Along the way, they meet Keith Baring and his wife Helena. However, everyone is trapped inside the castle by a creature known as The Boogieman and it's up to Keith, who has to save all the tourists inside the castle.

If Keith does all the requirements and manages to save David and Sophie, he obtains Happy End “Come Rain, Come Shine”. After everyone is saved and the Boogieman is captured, Keith’s boss, Dick Anderson, interrogates Sophie and her father. Richard confesses that he actually suspected the Boogieman was Brendon, but was too focused on saving his daughter to tell Keith.


  • He's a heavy drinker who collects drinks and likes scotch beer.
  • He seems to be close to Keith Baring, it is mentioned by Sophie in The Hanged Man that Keith is Richard's client.
  • Uri has confirmed that he has a kindly face