Gender Male
Occupation Put people to sleep
Age Thousands of years
Status Alive
Why do I put people to sleep in the first place? Because I love to see humans sleep. Those happily-sleeping people...Their faces brimming with hope for tomorrow!

— Sandman

The Sandman is the antagonist of The Sandman. At the beginning of the game he suffers from insomnia, due to the stress of having to put people to sleep worldwide. With the help of some sleeping sand, he puts everyone in the world to sleep, with the exception of some insomniacs, including Sophie Grundler.

Appearance Edit

He has the appearance of a short, old man. He wears a blue tunic and a striped blue hat, implied to be his pajamas. His eyes are red because of lack of sleep, but he gets better in the end.

Personality Edit

The Sandman is reportedly smart enough to study the human world and invent his own language. However, he is a bit of a ditz and forgets that fairy food is poisonous to humans. He is shown to love humans and makes them sleep in order to make them happy. Though smart, he can be very stubborn and careless at times, much to his fairy friends's annoyance.

Role Edit

The SandmanEdit


Red-eyed Sandman

He was originally thought of as the main villain of the game, seeing as he was chasing Sophie and forcing her to eat a table full of disgusting food. However, it's revealed through his story and Sophie's that all he wants is to sleep for a while. When he discovers that humans are still asleep after sprinkling the Eternal Sleep Powder, he creates Lullaby to help those still awake fall asleep.

If Sophie decides to take the pink jewel or lets Unicorn keep it and how she chooses to handle the Sandman, his fate may vary. In most of the endings, he is killed by Sophie or put to sleep.

If Sophie decides to let Unicorn keep the jewel and puts the Sandman to sleep, she earns Happy End "Don't Stay Up Late at Night". After a few hours, the Sandman wakes up and takes a sleeping Sophie back to the real world, tucking her into her bed. Sophie decides to stand up for herself and resolve her troubles as the Sandman continues to watch over her.

After the player beats the game, the game from the point of view from the Sandman is unlocked, showing his perspective on the events of the game, mostly the Fairy World part of the game. He will converse with other characters, mostly the Dust, about what is going on.

If the Sandman manages to put Sophie to sleep, he earns the Bad End "See You in Bad Dream". Sophie will be stuck in an eternal nightmare. When the Sandman goes to bed himself, he reflects on Sophie's sad face and cries himself.


Awakened Sandman

If the Sandman lets himself fall asleep, he gets the Happy End "Welcome Back, Insomnia!". The Sandman wakes up after a few centuries have passed and takes Sophie back home. After he sees Sophie smile and give him a victory sign, he writes in his diary why he took the job as the Sandman: to make people happy. The next day, he talks to Dwarf about what happened and confesses that he no longer wants to sleep and is in love with Sophie. When the Sandman goes to sleep, he thinks about Sophie's smiling face and sighes dreamily. He tells his other fairy friends that he developed feelings for Sophie. Obviously, he's unaware that she's a girl in high school and he's a fairy that's centuries old.

The BoogiemanEdit

He's mentioned in the Bonus Room. Sophie realizes it was the Sandman who saved her from the dog pack after she's captured by the Boogieman . While she's thanking him, Keith overhears Sophie and mocks her for believing in faeries. Angry, the Sandman decides to punish Keith by giving him insomnia that night.