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Shirley Webber
Gender Female
Occupation Pharmacist
Age 25 in The Crooked Man
26 in The Sandman and The Boogie Man
Status Alive
You're not kind. You're just indecisive.

— Shirley

Shirley Webber (シャーリー・ウェッバー Shaarii Webbaa) is a mentioned character in The Crooked Man, a minor character in The Sandman and a major character in The Boogie Man. She is the former girlfriend and current wife of David Hoover.


Shirley is a young woman with long blonde hair that is usually put up in a single ponytail with bangs hanging on either side and blue eyes that are a lighter shade compared to David Hoover and Paul Martin.

She wears a long-sleeved collared button-up black shirt, faded blue pants and purple shoes.


Shirley is a mature and independent woman who prefers doing things on her own. Shirley often drags the weak and kind David Hoover into everything and unlike him, she is strong-willed and capable to protect herself, as seen when she guards one of the rooms in The Boogieman using an axe. Shirley also acts as an older sister figure to The Sandman protagonist, Sophie Grundler. However, she is not without flaws, she is also stubborn and hotheaded easily, and because of this, Paul Martin dislikes her and the feeling is mutual. When she lies to David about why she broke up with him to make it seem like it was his fault to mask her vulnerability for forming a family shows she has a manipulative side deep down. However after their breakup she regrets this, and realizes she needed his kindness in her life. They rekindle their relationship and they work out their differences, implying her time with David helped her realize how important it is for kindness in her life.


Shirley about to break up with David Hoover

Shirley was abandoned by her parents in a coin-locker when she was just a baby. Because of that, she had a lonely childhood and became tough and independent, but also never developed any life experience in a family.

She somehow managed to enter into high school, where she met Marion Martin. The two became best friends. In college, she met David Hoover and Paul Martin. She never got along with Paul because of their similar personalities, but she started dating David for three years. They started making plans to get married and having kids. However, Shirley was afraid of forming her own family and broke up with David, claiming that she did it because he was weak and indecisive. Shirley still is upset with David's depression and wishes he'd just get over it.


The Crooked Man[]

Shirley is presented during the game as David’s ex, whom he misses dearly and Paul resents. In Stage 1, he is tortured by the Crooked Man with memories about their breakup, but he is able to overcome it, realizing that he will always love Shirley and does not wish to forget about her.

When David is about to go to the abandoned hospital, Shirley phone-calls David, but he was too focused about finding the tenant to notice.

In the Good Ending "Bye Bye, Blackbird", after the death of David’s mother, she visits him, much to Paul’s chagrin. She gives David her condolences and tells him that she mistook his kindness for indecisiveness, but after they broke up, she realized that she needs and loves him. Afterwards, they're a couple once again.

The Sandman[]

It has passed one year after the Crooked Man events. Shirley is now David's fiancee. When the Sandman puts everyone to sleep, she and David were spending the night at her house.

In the Happy End "Don't Stay Up Late at Night", after Sophie Grundler defeats the Sandman and returns to the human world, she decides to resolve her problems on her own. On the way, she runs into David and Shirley. He introduces Sophie to her fiancee and she tells them about her adventure with the Sandman, much to Shirley's curiosity. In the end, the three go to have dinner together.

The character profiles reveals that Shirley becomes good friends with Sophie after the events of The Sandman, since they have similar personalities.

The Boogieman[]

Half a year after the Sandman events, David and Shirley (now married) go vacationing at the Livingstone Castle. Paul and Marion were unable to accompany them, so they invited Sophie and her father Richard along in their place. Along the way, they meet Keith Baring and his wife Helena. However, everyone is trapped inside the castle by a creature known as Boogie Man and it's up to Keith, who has to save all the tourists inside the castle.

Shirley is captured by the Boogie Man and tied around a cross in a burning room that looks like a church. David rushes to save Shirley and with Keith's help, he manages to free her from the cross. The Boogie Man reappears, mocks Shirley for being an orphan and describes her relationship with David as "two loners who have no one but each other". He then proceeds to trap the two in more fire. Keith has to rescue them from the burning room.

After saving David and Shirley, they reunite with Lance, Sophie and Richard. They realize that Helena is still on danger. Shirley convices David to accompany Keith so they could rescue Helena while she protects the others, as she grabs an axe. Keith believes David should protect his wife, but the latter insists that Shirley can do well by herself.

If Sophie dies but David survives, the Bad End "White Room" is obtained. Keith and David talk about the events of The Crooked Man and how the police treated David with suspiscion, since they didn't believe about the supernatural forced that lead to David finding Duke's corpse. After a talk about David's problems, the two go for a way to escape from the Boogie Man's trap. Unfortunately, the Boogie Man kills David. Also, Lance, Richard and Shirley are nowhere to be found. Dick implies that they were killed offscreen by the Boogie Man.

If Sophie survives but David dies, the Bad End "Precious Box" is obtained. Keith goes to report to Dick about David's death. On the way, he encounters the now widowed Shirley, who's trying to look strong and not crying for David.

If David and Sophie are saved, but Keith doesn’t make certain arrangements through the game, the Bad End “Happy Dream” is obtained. When in his confrontation with the Boogieman, Keith loses and he’s killed. David and Shirley take the now widowed Helena to their home. In an attempt to console her, Shirley tells her about her past as an abandoned baby. Suddenly, David accidentally crashes a glass sculpture while cleaning the house. Angry, Shirley fights with him, and they become so distracted that they don't see in time when Helena jumps out of the window to her death.

If Keith does all the requirements and manages to save David and Sophie, he obtains Happy End “Come Rain, Come Shine”. In the confrontation with the Boogie Man, Keith takes off the monster's mask and realizes it's Brendon. While Richard tends Keith's wounds, David holds Brendon and is caught by the police. Afterwards, Dick interrogates David and Shirley. They find out that Keith was hallucinating some things around the castle, such as the bloody walls.


  • In the character profiles, it is revealed that Shirley is one year younger than David Hoover and she works as a pharmacist.
  • In The Crooked Man, Shirley and David broke up because she claimed that he had no personality and wasn't kind, but indecisive. However, in The Boogie Man, it was confirmed that this was a lie as the true reason was because David began talking about marriage and starting a family and Shirley (whom never had a family due to her parents abandoning her) was too scared to form one and ran off. However, at the end of The Crooked Man, she comes back to him very regretful over her selfish and cowardly decision that they eventually got married after resolving their differences as shown in sequels.
    • It is also stated that after Shirley and David got married, they kept their names (which means that Shirley is still Shirley Webber, not Shirley Hoover).