The Crooked Man Wiki
Gender Female
Occupation Fragment of Duke MacGahan's memory
Age Unknown (presumably in her late teens)
Status Nonexistent
I'm really a wimp...No wonder he'd break up with me.

— Sissi

Sissi (シッシー (romanized: Shisshī ) ) is a supporting character in The Crooked Man. She is the young woman David meets while investigating the abandoned hotel in Scene 1, claiming to be looking for something precious that was given to her by her boyfriend before he left her.

In the end, Sissi is revealed to be a fragment of Duke's memory, modeled after Duke's ex-girlfriend.


Sissi is timid, insecure, gets scared easily, but is kind. Her character is deliberately a reflection of David's own personality to teach him a lesson.


David comforting Sissi.

David encounters her in the abandoned hotel. She is looking for a precious box her boyfriend gave her and encounters many dangers over the course of the Stage/Scene. First, the floor falls out around her and she is saved by David. Then, she gets attacked by the Crooked Man and David has to save her and later fight the creature.

After David defeats the Crooked Man, he finds a frightened Sissi blaming herself for what happened and wondering why she is bothering to find the box her ex-boyfriend gave her. David is given two options in order to console her.

Sissi in the Bad End.

If David tells her not to cry, the Bad End “What A Sissy.” is obtained. Sissi decides to give up on her quest to keep her fond memories alive and breaks the precious box her boyfriend gave her. As she begins to leave, she is dragged back to the hotel and brutally mauled off-screen by the Crooked Man, who then kills David.

Sissi kissing David on the cheek

If David tells her that there is nothing wrong about crying over her lost love, reflecting how he feels about his ex-girlfriend Shirley, Sissi decides to keep the box and remember the fond memories with her ex. She kisses David on the cheek as thanks for helping her and gives him a note to go to the law school in Stage 2.

She later appears in Stage/Scene 4, where she helps Paul find David, and acknowledges that she is a crybaby and a sissy.


  • Sissi represents Duke's regret over the lost love of his ex-girlfriend. It is implied that her appearance might be based on Duke's ex-girlfriend.
  • She says that she used to spend time with her ex in the hotel, who later broke up with her because "kindness was all she had." This is also the reason why David's ex-girlfriend broke up with him.
  • Her name is meaningful, since she feels like she's a sissy for being unable to let go of her fond memories of her ex-boyfriend. She also lampshades it from time to time.