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Sophie Grundler
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Gender Female
Occupation High school student (former)

College Student

Age 17 in The Sandman and The Boogie Man

18 in the Hanged Man

Status Alive
Thinking that tomorrow would be more of the same, I started to fear the morning more and more...Until I feared going to sleep.

— Sophie

Sophie Grundler (ソフィー・グランドレー Sofi Gurandore) is the protagonist of The Sandman and a recurring supporting character within the Strange Men series. There, she's unable to fall asleep and discovers that the Sandman decided to put the whole world to sleep forever and she's the only one who can stop him.


Sophie has long red hair and brown eyes. At school she wears the traditional Loren Catholic School uniform, which consists in a black blazer with a skirt of the same color. She also wears a red bowtie and a white shirt under the blazer. At night, she wears long-sleeved pink pajamas.


At first Sophie seems to be a calm and responsible honor student. When she is with close friends, she is strong willed and stubborn. Tormented with bullying at her school, her unrequited crush on David and her absent father, she has so much in the way of bottled up emotions.

After the events of the Sandman, she becomes more blunt and assertive, always saying what's on her mind. She's also supportive of David and Shirley's relationship.


Sophie as a child

Sophie’s mother died when she was very young, so her father decided to work more but stayed less and less at home and didn’t have time to talk with Sophie. After her father collapsed from overwork, her aunt told her he'd get better if she behaved.

For several years, she bottled her problems down and tried to deal with them all by herself rather than confront the issues head-on, not wanting to burden anyone with her problems. Also, Sophie and Regan used to be good friends, but as they grew up, Regan ended up taking her frustrations on her by bullying her.


The Sandman[]

Sophie lives with her widowed father Richard, who is a workaholic and is rarely at home. At school, she is bullied by Regan Blumberg and her gang and her friend Anne Flanagan is too scared to even defend Sophie. For the course of two weeks, she is having a case of insomnia. At night, she tries to go to sleep, but wakes up in the middle of the night, only to find out that the clocks have stopped and everyone is asleep except for her. While wandering around the park, she meets David Hoover, who is friends with her. Sophie then remembers that Anne may be still at school and goes looking for her by herself. However because Anne is a coward, she leaves Sophie alone with the shadows when she has the chance.

Then, Sophie goes to the Blumberg Mall, where she finds Regan tied on a pole and about to be killed by a firing squad. She manages to get Regan freed, but Regan intially refuses to go with Sophie, insisting that her mother would come to her rescue. Hiding in a box, they succesfully escape, but Regan runs away leaving Sophie alone once they're not in danger anymore. Finally, she goes looking for her father at work, where they're attacked by a dragon. As they try to escape from the building, her father collapses from exhaustion and urges Sophie to run as the dragon catches him. But when she goes back, neither her father or the dragon are no more.

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Confused, she wanders around town and she reaches accidentally Shirley Webber's house, where she finds out that the real David is sleeping in Shirley's couch and the other David is an impostor. Upset, she goes to where the impostor David is and demands the impostor's true identity. He introduces himself as Lullaby, a creature made by the Sandman to put people to sleep. She discovers that everything she's seen has been a part of Lullaby's attempt to make her sleep. She decides to go after the Sandman himself and put an end to his plan, so Lullaby takes her to the Fairy World.

There, she meets several creatures. When looking for the Sandman, she finds out that the reason why Regan, Anne, and her father suffered the way they did was because those were Sophie's darkest wishes. Lullaby wanted to make her wishes come true so that she could sleep. He even took on the form of David to grant her romantic wish. Also, she finds out that the Sandman just wants to sleep for a while.

Sophie as the Queen of the Night

If Sophie decides to take the pink jewel or lets Unicorn keep it and how she chooses to handle the Sandman, the endings may vary. If Sophie lets Unicorn keep the jewel and accidentally kills the Sandman, she gets the Bad End "Queen of the Night". Though guilt-ridden by her accidental murder, Sophie decides it was his fault for making everyone fall asleep forever. Remaining in the fairy realm, she becomes the Queen of the Night, gleefully watching the eternally slumbering world.

If she takes the jewel and kills the Sandman, she obtains Bad End "Sleep With One Eye Open". Upon returning home, she discovers that killing the Sandman didn't fix anything: time's still frozen, and she's the only one left awake in this eternally slumbering world. Paranoia keeps her from being able to sleep herself, jumping at shadows and bumps in the night like a frightened child. Also, the Boogieman is seen creeping out of her closet. If she chooses to take the jewel and puts the Sandman to sleep, she gets Bad End "Invisible Sweet Heart". Rather than return to her miserable life, Sophie gives up her humanity so she can stay in the fairy's world, becoming a Glimmer.

A happier Sophie

Finally, if Sophie decides to let Unicorn keep the jewel and puts the Sandman to sleep, she earns Happy End "Don't Stay Up Late at Night". After falling asleep, she wakes up at the same time as everyone else and starts standing up for herself, even when it gets her into trouble. She stands up to her workaholic father and Regan and calls out Anne for not really defending her. Facing her problems head-on causes trouble and she is not considered a honor student anymore, but she winds up much happier than she was before. On the way, she runs into David and Shirley Webber. He introduces Sophie to her fiancee and she tells them about her adventure with the Sandman. In the end, the three go to have dinner together.

The Boogieman[]

Sophie on vacations

Half a year after the Sandman events, Sophie and her father are invited by the recently married David and Shirley to go vacationing at the Livingstone Castle. Along the way, they meet Keith Baring and his wife Helena. However, everyone is trapped inside the castle by a creature known as The Boogie man and it's up to Keith, who has to save all the tourists inside the castle.

If Keith does all the requirements and manages to save David and Sophie, he obtains Happy End “Come Rain, Come Shine”. After everyone is saved and the Boogieman is captured, Keith’s boss, Dick Anderson, interrogates Sophie and her father. Richard confesses that he actually suspected the Boogieman was Brendon, but was too focused on saving his daughter to tell Keith. Sophie tells that she knew that the Boogieman who captured her was an impostor, since she already saw the real Boogieman in her adventures during the Sandman.

The Hanged Man[]


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  • She loves ice cream.
  • After the events of the Sandman, she's uneasy as girls at school are getting boyfriends and not finding anyone she likes is her main worry for now.
  • Became good friends with Shirley, since both have similar personalities.
  • As shown in The Boogie Man, Sophie is still missing the pink jewel (that symbolized her love). The effects are seen during a short scene where Sophie is talking to Helena. She says that she does not feel love nor has she found somebody to fall in love with. As far as we know, the Sandman still has Sophie's jewel and he may return it to her when she is older.
  • She's voiced by choco.lait in The Boogie Man and The Hanged Man.
  • Uri clarified in a Twitter post that there's nothing between Sophie and Will after the events of The Hanged Man. Sophie likes older men and Will prefers gentle and feminine girls. Sophie thinks of Will as a little brother, though.
  • Her birthday is on August 29th.