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After playing the prologue, David goes to a hotel.

After entering, go to the left part of the hotel (downstairs). There, you'll see an unlocked room (4th door). Go to the furniture beside the cabinet. You'll get a note "Treasure Hunt". Go upstairs then the door on the right. Go to the 3rd table and you'll get a key. Go to the left (upstairs) and go to the last door and unlock it. Grab the key on the table then head for room 109 (right, downstairs, second door). Push the chair to the dresser (arrow key + space) and collect the wire cutters. You should hear a piano playing, head upstairs and go in the left door. Here you will meet Sissi. After the encounter with Sissi, go downstairs and go to the door behind the counter. Once you get inside, read the Diary, which has the key for room 107 (left, downstairs, second to last door). Before anything, go to the door with no knob and interact with it. Go to room 107 then go into the bathroom and collect the door knob, go back to the room with the Diary. Attach the door knob and interact with the lighter brown floor tile and choose "Stomp on it", interact with the Metal trap door then go down.

Once inside go into your items tab and choose Lighter, go all the way down and talk to the figure. Run away to the ladder and once you get the option to press "Shake off" for 6 times. Go left upstairs and once you hear a girl scream, go to the third door. After you talk with Sissi, go to the mirror, you should find a note. Go to the last door (left upstairs), and walk up to the window. You should hear some noises. Go back to the room with your encounter with the figure. Light your Lighter and stick to the left until you see a shiny object. After getting the key, go upstairs right to the Bar and unlock it. Read the book then go back to the library (Upstairs Right), go to the bookshelf on the top right, the first one. After you get the code and leave the library and walk ahead a few spaces and you will have an encounter with the figure and you will be forced into the room you had the conversation with Sissi in. The figure will then enter the room and touching it will result in a "Game Over". To defeat go to the hole in the floor and press enter and David will push the figure into the hole. Afterwards you will need to go to the food storage room and enter in the code. You will see an object that you cannot reach without the ladder which is in the same room. After you will get the key to room 210 which is two rooms to the right of the bar. After you go in 210 you will see an object on the floor, interacting with it will give you another notebook scrap. When you leave the room as you walk by the bar you will hear a squishing sound. When you go into the bar there will be a message written in blood. After you read the message you have to fight the figure again, to beat the figure you will need to smash a bottle of Brandy on its head (this can be done by pressing enter on the Brandy bottles) then lighting the figure on fire with your lighter. As you leave the room you will need to go back and grab the knife out of the food storage room. As you leave the room you will see a trail of blood, follow it and you find Sissi in an unlocked room. After the conversation Sissi will give you a key which will open the door behind the desk which will bring you outside. There will be an item in the fountain. The item will be Sissi's box. And while taking it to the room she was in you find that she has left and a woman's scream can be heard from the room with the piano. There you will fight the figure, but you will have to save before.

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