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The Boogie Man
Developer Uri Games
Engine WOLF RPG Editor
Released 2015
Genre Horror
Followed by The Hanged Man

The Boogie Man is a supernatural horror adventure game developed by Uri Games and released in 2015. It is the third installment in the Strange Men series.


Half a year has passed as the game follows a cold, devoted detective named Keith Baring whose boss decides he needs to take some time off. While on a tour of an old castle with his wife Helena, she makes a startling confession to him. Keith goes to bed bewildered, but things only become stranger as the Boogie Man's game begins...



Like its predecessor, there are multiple endings for the player to choose.

  • Bad End 1: "The Boogie's Fine Tonight"

If Sophie and David die, Keith is chased by the Boogie Man. The monster kills Keith and takes off his mask, only to reveal Keith himself.

  • Bad End 2: "White Room"

If Sophie dies, Helena will be missing. Keith will return home and wander into his son Tod's room, and hallucinates Tod. Tod asks where his mother is, to which Keith will respond "I don't know". Keith will then fall asleep on Tod's bed, saying, "I'll be waiting here, where the sun never shines...where the shadows run from themselves. I'll just be waiting."

  • Bad End 3: "Precious Box"

If only David dies, Keith and Helena will return home and decide to go through with their divorce. Still, they end up friends, spending a night together at their favorite bar. Keith then goes home with Helena and murders her, giving a broken speech about how he couldn't protect anyone. Keith then walks into the bathroom and shoots himself in the head.

  • Bad End 4: "Happy Dream"

If David and Sophie are saved, but Keith doesn’t make certain arrangements through the game, Keith loses his fight with the Boogie Man and is killed. David and Shirley take the now widowed Helena to their home. In an attempt to console her, Shirley tells her about her past as an abandoned baby and how she got along with David’s mother. Suddenly, David accidentally smashes a glass sculpture while cleaning the house. Angry, Shirley argues with him, and they become distracted. Taking advantage of this, Helena jumps out the window to her death, in order to be with her deceased husband and son.

  • Happy End: "Come Rain, Come Shine"

If Keith does all the requirements and manages to save David and Sophie, The Boogie Man is revealed to be Brendon. Dick interrogates Sophie and her father. Sophie says that she knew that the Boogie Man who kidnapped her was an impostor, since she already knew the real Boogie Man. She states that the real Boogie Man's hands are cold, and Brendon's hands were warm.The police realize that Keith did hallucinate some things, such as the blood on the walls and floors. In the end, Keith and Helena decide to go to couple therapy in order to move on. Keith is later seen at Tod's grave, crying.

  • Watch the video tape from the body in the decapitated head room.
  • Meet Helena in the cell you reach by heading left from the armor maze.
  • Watch the video tape down in the hole near the safe room.
  • Read the Punchinello story behind the painting opened by the piano switch.
  • Listen to the recorder after getting knocked out by the Boogie Man in the secret passage.
  • Play the video in the video camera on the video/DVD player in the secret room.

Livingstone Castle[]

The history of this castle begins with a tyrant from another land who came here to conquer.

He brought architects from his homeland to mimic its designs, and used fear to coerce the land’s natives into doing his bidding. With their assistance, the castle was completed in 1620. This tyrant, Constance Livingstone, invited his family to live in the new castle, set the natives to work as farmers, and established dominion over the land. It was his deplorable treatment of the natives that solidified his reputation as a tyrant.

The natives had long been farmers on the land before his arrival. But Livingstone sought to make riches from the export of corn, and so ordered the natives to expand their farmland. To ensure that none would defy him, he kept family members in the castle as hostages, ultimately re-purposing some as servants. The natives held in the castle were forbidden from speaking their native tongue and were made to learn Livingstone’s language. If they made any attempt to flee the castle, Livingstone would mercilessly punish their family.

For a time, Livingstone made a massive profit taking the natives’ corn through heavy taxation and exporting it back to his motherland. However, he forced cultivation with a continued disregard for the natives’ traditional farming methods, resulting in nutrient-poor soil and steadily diminishing corn crops. This left the tyrannical family impoverished. But they were no less strict on the natives, and would not come to any compromise.

If ever a thing did not please Livingstone, he would subject the natives to hard labor, torture them, and kill them to raise his spirits. One man was said to have been cut in twain with a giant blade, sewn back together, and displayed as a scarecrow in the fields. A parent and child were said to have been pushed onto a bed of spikes and pierced through the hearts, their corpses then left to rot for a month. One woman was said to have been burned alive before her husband’s eyes.

It is thought these horrible deeds were not only intended as cruel punishment toward the natives; he also simply delighted in watching people despair over losing those who they held most dear. Even after Constance’s death, his descendants followed in his footsteps, bringing suffering upon the natives for many an age. But finally, in 1778, the natives revolted. They invaded the castle, kidnapped the Livingstones, dragged them out of the castle, and had them executed.


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