The Crooked Man Wiki
The Crooked Man
Developer Uri Games
Engine WOLF RPG Editor
Released 2012
Genre Horror
Followed by The Sandman

The Crooked Man is a supernatural horror adventure game developed by Uri Games and released in 2012. It is the first installment in the Strange Men series.


David Hoover is a troubled young man that recently just moved into a new apartment. After his friends (Paul and Marion Martin) leave, David decides to go to sleep. But he is awaken in the middle of the night by strange noises. As this continues, he soon finds a note from the previous person who lived there. David travels around to find this mysterious tenant. But instead he finds The Crooked Man.



  • Bad End 1: "What a Sissy."

If David tells Sissi not to cry, he will tell her to move on and gives her her treasured box, which she promptly breaks to "forget" the person that gave it to her. As they finish saying their goodbyes, the door behind Sissi opens and she gets dragged in. David runs to the door, pounding on it and yelling to the Crooked Man to stop killing her. Her screaming suddenly stops and blood gushes from under the door and all over the stairs. David backs away in shock and the door opens again. The Crooked Man then comes out and kills David.

  • Bad End 2: "Never, Never Give Up."

If David tells D that he shouldn't give up on his dreams, D, in a moment of rage, stabs David in the chest. Just as D is about to leave the room, the Crooked Man enters and kills him. As David bleeds out, The Crooked Man walks over and tells him that, "It wasn't me. It was you. You killed him, and yourself... David." He then exits the room, and David bleeds to death.

  • Bad End 3: "Good-bye!! My Friend."

If Paul tries to persuade a possessed David not to commit suicide, he will fail, and David will state that no one understands him. David then shoots himself in the head.

  • Bad End 4: "Not your fault, David!"

If Paul decides to take the gun from David, the two struggle and David accidentally shoots Paul, killing him. David then comes back to his senses, realizes what he's done, and takes his own life.

  • Good End: "Bye Bye BlackBird"

If David successfully defeats the Crooked Man in the final stage, he has a conversation with the spirit of Duke (the Crooked Man when he was a human). After it passes on, David returns to his normal life and even returns back with his girlfriend. The epilogue shows that he is living happily despite his depression, and that he periodically visits Duke's grave.


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