Tod Baring
Gender Male
Occupation Preschool student
Age 5
Status Deceased

Tod Baring (トッド・ベアリング Toddo Baringu) is the young son of Keith and Helena Baring. Despite having died years ago, his death is an influence for the depression of his father, who sees hallucinations.

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Personality Edit

Kind of timid, but cheery and honest. He's clever and looks up to his father, imitating his snarker comments and harsh words sometimes.

Background Edit

He was run over by a truck while on his way to school and died. His body was maimed and completely unrecognizable, but Keith was able to recognize him because of the name sewed in his uniform. This left his parents broken and their marriage deteriorating.

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The Boogie ManEdit

Even though he died years ago, his death is a source of angst for Keith, who hasn't moved on his son's death because he wants to look strong for Helena's sake. He's mentioned by his parents several times during the story.

In the Bad End "The Boogie's Fine Tonight", everyone dies, including Helena so Keith kills the Boogie Man. When later Dick tries to console Keith for losing his son and now his wife, Keith assures him that he won't cry for Helena, since he didn't even cry when Tod died.

In the Bad End "White Room", the Boogie Man kills David, Lance and Richard. Also, Helena is nowhere to be found. Back at home, Keith enters Tod's room and hallucinates his dead son. Tod asks his father about his mother's whereabouts. Keith promises Tod that the two would wait for her.

In the Bad End "Precious Box" is obtained. Keith and Helena return home to go through with their divorce. Still, they end up friends, spending a nice night together at their favorite bar. That night, Keith murders Helena, giving a broken speech about how he couldn't protect anyone, not even Tod, before heading into the bathroom and killing himself with a gun.

In the Bad End “Happy Dream”, Keith is killed by the Boogie Man. David and Shirley take the now widowed Helena to their home, but she commits suicide afterwards in order to be with Keith and Tod again.

In the Happy End “Come Rain, Come Shine”, everyone is saved and the Boogie Man is captured, Helena finds Keith visiting Tod's grave, shedding the tears he should have when his son died. It's implied that he moves on afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • He's voiced by Noeybody.