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Hey guys, it's SkullyANDUnknown9580 and today we're going to bring you the official "The Crooked Man" Q&A.  

Basically you guys can comment questions about "The Crooked Man".  Sometimes there's questions that you were about to ask but they're already answered here, so look carefully.

Happy questioning~!!

The Crooked Man Q&A

Stage 1 - Sissi

Stage 2 - D

Stage 3 - Fluffy

Stage 4 - Paul

Q:  Okay, this is creeping me out.  Paul and David could see Sissi, D, and Fluffy and Marion can't.  Does this mean that Sissi, D, and Fluffy doesn't exist?

A:  Well they're in "ghost" form.  Calculations apparently says that:

"Typically they're the fragments of Duke MacGaham's, or Crooked Man's, terrifying past.

When Duke MacGaham was only a child, he lost his mother due to something, like Fluffy.

Some years after, Duke MacGaham chose to become a lawyer, but failed in the bar exams, like D.

And Duke MacGaham's last choice was to get a girlfriend.  Like Sissi, he was dumped.

Lastly Duke MacGaham moved out of his house and into his mother's, locking himself in the basement and hanging himself, neck snapping once he hung himself."

So there.

Stage 5

Q:  Oh my come and how David's Mother died when the tutor was successfully removed?!  THIS IS CRISIS!

A:  Well...that is kind of a mystery...calculations doesn't show anything...gosh...