William Morton
Will in The Hanged Man Game Version 2
Gender Male
Occupation Junior High Student
Age 14
Status Alive
I know your son wouldn't want you to die like this!!

— Will or William Morton

Will (ウィル romanized : U~iru) or William Morton (ウィリアム・モートン romanized : U~iriamu Moton) is the main protagonist of The Hanged Man. In the beginning, he appeared to have run away from his home and gotten lost during snowy weather for some unknown purpose. He's revealed to be David Hoover's half-brother, after David's father had an affair and left his family.

Appearance Edit

In his first appearance, Will's face is covered by the fluffy part of his hood. Will is a young boy at age 14 that has slightly curly, short, creamy blonde hair and has light blue eyes. In The Hanged Man game during the winter season, he wears a light blue long-sleeved winter coat with pockets, with a blue collared jacket over. He also wears a white sweater under his winter coat and wears dark blue pants and black sneakers. Will carries a dark gray backpack, strapped over only his left shoulder.

In childhood, he wears a white long-sleeved shirt with blue sleeves and black shorts.

Will in first appearance in The Hanged Man game, Walking in the town with snowy weather.

Uri mentioned on her Twitter that Will is 153 cm (5 ft) tall.

Personality Edit

At first, Will seems to be mute, as he does not speak until the scene where Pop runs away from him.

When Pop is gone, Will's true personality is shown. He is cowardly but is also a very sensitive, caring, and imaginative person. He is short-tempered when irritated, but is also a good kid who loves animals. He deeply cares about people and his friends. He is able to see strange entities, who were his "friends;" Mime, Murdoc, Misery, and Old Billy. These entities only started appearing when he first talked to the Hanged Man when he was young.

Despite how considerate Will can be, he seems to strongly distrust other people and doesn't speak his thoughts even to his mother or friends. But during the accident to find Pop in the Abandoned Hospital, Will begins to trust other people as well as starting to speaking his mind to the people around him.

Background Edit

Will was born after David's father had an affair and left his former family to marry his mother, Cindy Morton, who was already pregnant him. Six years later, Will's father died from his illness and has since then he lives with his mother.

In his childhood one day he talked with "The Hanged Man." Since that day he can see strange entities (such as Mime, Murdoc, Misery, Old Billy and Pop, but Will saved Pop from a mouse trap while he was in elementary school and has been with him since although the four entities disappeared strangely). But no one believed him.

Eight years later after Will saved Pop, he heard his mother talking about something was important on the phone, He saw her crying while she talking to the "Hoovers." It made him curious too much because his mother was hardy and never shown the tears before and felt more curious about the "Hoover" person (David). After that Will discovered his father's secret that he had kept for a long time which included a letter inside with the message: ' "You're demon child, Someday you'll be burning in hell for your sins ' with "The Hanged Man" card. He also discovered his father's diary. Inside, his father said that he was abandoned his former family to marry Cindy while Will was being conceived. It made him feel guilty the most with not only himself, but also to David, who is his half-sibling.

Will can't stand it anymore. He wants to apologize David for making his family fall apart by using the address in the memo for go to his house. Before he went out, He carried Pop along, but when Pop tried to stop him, he still resisted. Mentions by his character bio after got Good End 2, He figured if he got a call from his mom, he'd chicken out and come back home, so he left his phone at home and went away didn't say anything.

Role Edit

The Hanged Man Edit

Will has a role as the main protagonist. He left his home and get lost in the town, While he losing the way, he enters the fishing shop.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He's only protagonist who didn't show himself on the The Strange Men game jacket.
  • Mentions in Uri's Q & A in her Twitter, Will's blood-type is B.
  • He's youngest protagonist in The Strange Men Series (not including Fluffy).
  • He's voiced by Morty K.
  • Uri clarified in a Tweeter post that there's nothing between Sophie and Will after the events of The Hanged Man. Sophie likes older men and Will prefers gentle and feminine girls. Sophie thinks of Will as a little brother, though.